Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is a hardy and capable breed of Belgian Sheepdog. Originally bred for livestock protection, these dogs are lively and always up for some play time with the kids or accompanying you on a hike or bike ride. These dogs are very vigilant and the strong bonds they form with their families can …

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Berner Laufhund

Confident and kind, the Berner Laufhund is an athletic breed. Their keen smell and agility make them highly capable hunters and trackers. Though their hunting instincts remain in tact,…read more below


Berger Picard

The Berger Picard is a bright and energetic dog who is confident and eager to please. Though they can sometimes be shy around strangers, they are generally affectionate and outgoing with those they know. Like most breeds,…read more below


Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffons are delightful family dogs that bond closely with their owners, preferring to spend most of their time around their families and loved ones. They are confident, alert, and usually very well mannered. They can be shy around strangers,…read more below



Boerboels are confident and affectionate dogs, thought their strong independent nature can make them a challenge for first time dog owners. These dogs require a great investment of time and effort from their owners to grow up to be the best dogs they can be. They are not typically aggressive when properly socialized and raised,…read …

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The Borador is a lively and affectionate dog. Intelligent and loyal, they are typically very well behaved, so long as they get plenty of daily exercise. They tend to be easier to train than most other breeds and are the perfect family pet for those looking for their first dog. A mix of Labrador and …

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Blue Lacy

Blue Lacys are smart and independent minded dogs, known for their high stamina and attentive nature. These dogs are strong workers and hunters, having been used for these jobs for as long as the breed has existed. They are eager to please their families,…read more below


Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are strong and sturdy guardians. They have a fairly laid back temperament, though they will not hesitate to make their owners aware of anyone arriving with a string of barks. They are generally well behaved,…read more below


Belgian Sheepdog

The Belgian Sheepdog is a strong and sturdy breed, though they are also very affectionate and bright. They form strong bonds with their owners, preferring always to be in their company, and they can live happily with either a single owner or a growing family. These dogs have plenty of energy to keep up with …

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The Brittany is a bright and energetic breed that can adapt to a number of living situations. Their instinctual hunting skills combined with their gentle, affectionate nature makes them a pleasurable companion for people of all ages and paces of life. These dogs are just as pleased…read more below