Koolies have been a popular dog in Australia for having a good mix of regged characteristics that make them valuable working dogs and a personable demeanor which desirable for those looking for a friendly companion. These dogs love to spend time with their owners,…read more below


King Shepherd

The King Shepherd is a hardy and confident breed. They are highly capable working dogs and lovable companions for those that can provide them with the proper guidance. They are natural watch dogs…read more below


Kangal Dog

Kangals are calm, confident dogs that are natural protectors. They can seem almost stoic at times, and can be shy around new company. However, with proper socialization and guidance, these dogs can be friendly and affectionate, especially with their families…read more below


The Keeshond is a highly intelligent, agile and affectionate dog in an adorable package. Easily trained and always eager for praise, they have even seen use as service and guide dogs. Only their small size keeps them from being seen in these roles more often. Maybe they aren’t the best guard dogs because of their …

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The Kintamani is a fiercely loyal dog who can be loving and affectionate with their families, but they are aggressively territorial and are not afraid to let out a string of loud barking to alert you to the presence of any perceived intruders. It is important to make sure they are properly socialized and trained …

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Karelian Bear Dog

Intelligent, confident, and loyal, the Karelian Bear Dog can be a great companion to those who live an active lifestyle and are looking for a dog who can keep up the pace. However, these dogs are highly independent…read more below