Soldier Kissing His Dog

10 Ways to Honor K9 Veterans Day

Dogs have served alongside military men and women since antiquity with the same bravery and loyalty as their human counterparts. Dogs have been used as scouts, guards, messengers, bomb sniffers, and trackers. The official Dogs for Defense program, a U.S. military canine recruitment and training initiative, was launched in 1942, making military K9s official military …

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Top 16 Ugliest Dog Breeds

Here at RuffChamp, we believe that all dogs are beautiful in their own unique ways. However, some dog breeds keep their beauty well hidden behind their sparkling personalities. In honor of Ugliest Dog Day on June 20—a day set aside to celebrate dogs that are aesthetically-challenged—here are the Top 16 Ugliest Dog Breeds. 16. Whippet …

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Top 7 Dog Beaches In Oregon

Oregon is a diverse state. There are breathtaking mountains with hidden waterfalls, the majestic Colombia River, hip, cool cities like Portland, and rugged, rocky coasts. The Oregon coast offers some ideal Pacific coast beaches that welcome dogs. Beach days are the best days for dogs, just like us humans. Up and down the Oregon coast, …

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Top 8 Dog Biography Books

May 16th is National Biographer’s Day, a day to honor to books written to tell the story of another person’s life. Many biographers, however, have chosen four-legged subjects for their biographies. Instead of telling the fascinating life stories of humans, they focus their energies on writing about the amazing lives of famous and almost-famous dogs. …

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