Greek Shepherd

Although a Greek Shepherd may be content to be a couch potato if their owners allow them, they are surprisingly agile and active dogs when they want to be. Being natural guardians, they will not hesitate to protect their families if they believe them to be in danger. With their owners they are loving and …

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Gordon Setter

Gordon Setters are vigilant and loyal dogs. Self assured and outgoing, these dogs crave the affection of their families. When they aren’t looking to curl up by their owner’s side, they love to run and play with their favorite people. These fun loving dogs can be very even tempered,…read more below

Greenland Dog

The Greenland Dog has been a popular working dog and draught animal for centuries in Arctic regions. Their sturdy build and ability to withstand the harsh, frigid elements have even been reason for some of these dogs to accompany great explorers on exciting expeditions. Since these dogs have long been used for heavy work and …

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Gollies are well mannered and affectionate dogs. They do well in a variety of living situations and are most content when spending time with their families and loved ones. Gollies are generally very well behaved,…read more below