Due to the breed’s terrific agility and stamina, they have been mostly kept as hunting dogs or working companions. Although they can sometimes want to act independently, their even temperament and loyal nature can make them lovable pets as well. These dogs will require plenty of socialization early in their lives and proper guidance,…read more …

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Dutch Partridge Dog

Dutch Partridge Dogs, also referred to as Drents, are intelligent, loyal and loving dogs. They love the outdoors and may literally jump at any chance they can get to accompany their owners and loved ones on outdoor activities. Thought these dogs have excellent stamina and tend to show it with their bursts of energy when …

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Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino is an affectionate and loyal breed of big game hunting dog. These dogs are as sensitive to people as they are intelligent, making them perfect for a variety of tasks, including some jobs ranging from service dog to search and rescue and police work. These dogs are very active and require an …

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Dalmatians are alert and affectionate dogs. They are protective of their families but not aggressive with strangers. They are able to do well in a number of living situations and tend to have a very even temperament so long as they are properly raised and socialized. Their protective nature,…read more below

Dutch Smoushond

The Dutch Smoushond is an amiable and social dog that loves to spend time basking in their owners affection. Smoushonds are known to build exceptionally tight bonds with their families and are always eager to please. Though they can be somewhat independent …read more below