English Shepherd

English Shepherds are natural caretakers and it shows in the unique affection they show their families. Independent and confident, these dogs will sometimes try to test the pecking order but they are always loving and loyal to those they bond with. For those who love the outdoors,…read more below


English Setter

Although the English Setter’s confidence and independent will can sometimes lead to mischief, these dogs are generally very gentle and affectionate. English Setters form strong bonds with their human counterparts and love to bask in their attention and praise. Though they can easily become lazy if left to do so,…read more below


The eurasier is a confident and well tempered breed that may seem a little shy around newcomers, but they love spending time with those they become close to. These dogs do well in a home where there is always going to be someone at home to give them the attention and affection that they crave. …

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