St. Bernard

The St. Bernard is well known for being a gentle giant among breeds. They will still need proper socialization and guidance to make sure that they are not tempted to take advantage of their great size,…read more below


Spanish Water Dog

Spanish Water Dogs may seem a little shy when you first meet them, but they are affectionate and loyal friends to those they bond with. Whether lounging around the house or out getting some exercise,…read more below


Swedish Lapphund

Swedish Lapphunds are bright and friendly dogs with their owners, but may be a bit wary of strangers, being sure to bark to alert you to any perceived intruders. These are boisterous dogs who like to bark,…read more below


Sporting Lucas

Sporting Lucas Terriers are bright and fun loving dogs. They are a wonderful choice for first time owners since they have such an easy going temperament and they are fairly easy to train. These dogs just want to be friends with everyone. They may not make the best guard dogs but they will get along …

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Scottish Deerhound

Scottis Deerhounds are known for being sensitive, affectionate dogs and powerful runners. These dogs love to run and gallop around when outdoors, but they are typically calm and relaxed when indoors as long as they are getting the exercise they need each day. They love to have playmates and do well with other dogs that …

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Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are friendly and lovable family companions. Intelligent and highly adaptable, they can do well in a variety of living situations, so long as they can get the exercise and affection that they crave. They are not aggressive or wary around strangers,…read more below


The Saluki is a sleek and adventurous breed. These dogs are very smart and independent. This can make them a very entertaining addition to the home, but also means that training can be a challenge, especially for first time owners. However,…read more below


Samoyeds are well known for their amiable disposition and playful personality. They are always alert, but do not make for a good guard dog due to their habit of making friends with everyone they meet. However, they will not hesitate to bark…read more below